The Garden Faerie

Faerie ~ old French meaning supernatural beings connected to nature and the human spirit.

The faerie dwells in gardens and the forest tending to the plants and small creatures that dwell in these places. The faeries are usually small delicate creatures with transparent wings. Their magical abilities also allow them to celebrate the changing of seasons. When one gardens or walks through the woods one remembers the wonder of childhood.

Gardening has always been and will continue to be essential to my well being. I enjoy all aspects of it - the smell of wet earth, the bugs and tiny creatures I encounter, a warm summer down pour and the preparations made for the seeds and plants in a new season.  

The Feminine Warrior

From reviewing and searching through older art I was reminded of Archetype Cards. I had enjoyed making these collages and find I wander back and forth
with them.

I have kept a notebook through the years of the writings and a deck of cards adding to them every so often. I am a firm believer in Jung and find his teachings and
books most helpful in everyday daily life.

I would like my life to become more adventurous, I have to be willing to take more risks, try new methods and ways of doing things in a perhaps a little
more daring way.

The archetype I feel that best describes the adventurous type would be the feminine warrior. She is the heroine in books, she has at times lived in darkness and struggled to brake free. When she finds the way out of her struggles she returns to the light with more strengths.

I feel she repeats the process many times over, an evolving character.

The Clown

The clowns could be at a circus or county fair. They arrived early that morning. Another city or town - it really doesn't matter for the clowns.

The youthful, female clown wears little make-up and lets one know she favors feminine type clothing, while the male clown is grossly covered in thick, white make-up with an overly, wide smile. One doesn't know if his smile is real of pretend. Is he hiding his emotions under the make-up? He is balding and might be considered older than the female version. Could it be a father and daughter team?

The lion represents their social status (king of the beasts) and has becomes a household pet, like a dog, that protects the two and guards their caravan, their home.

The elephant has becomes one of the lions toys which helps him balance his stride.

The Ferris wheel represents the clowns life together that keeps going around in circles.

The shadow aspects of the two clowns are worked through the inner circle of circus life during the day light hours before a show. It is vital to their survival.

The Maiden

The maiden archetype has always remained a mystery in my thoughts.

I understand the characteristics she embodies - this figure takes place in all types of literature, she is usually is the innocent character in need of rescuing. She is considered the least awakened within the women types yet knows how to attract all kinds of people.

The mystery for me is the ability to remain as the maiden type throughout the various stages of a woman's life. She can be too passive or naive and can remain in the constant victim role.

This archetype is known as timeless. She may be overly trusting which makes her easy to manipulate and she may be a people pleaser. Later in life it can be important to embrace the maiden as part of the positive traits she can bring into ones life.

The Wounded Child

The wounded child archetype is the keeper of various types of childhood abuse and trauma. 

- feeling misunderstood

- cannot let go of hurt feelings

- feeling broken and or / useless

- sensitive to others emotions

- drawn to another's pain, tragedy or suffering

At times, I find another's pain can meld into one's own. It is through the piece of broken glass that light cannot pass through. It creates a path of adult experiences which at times are not good. In adult life the wounded child must be attended to constantly, at times what seems like much mental work. Also the adult should look forward and climb out of the pain and perhaps learn to 'let go'.

The shadow wounded child wants to be loved, valued and important. One cannot make others 'love' them. (for myself, I had always thought if I just 'do' enough of everything, if I perhaps 'do' more, others will love me and for years I found myself in this position - this false belief. It has been through reading, keeping a journal and art work I am enough and always have been, just as I am.)

A perfect analogy ~by, Susanna Barlow, under the paragraph - 'The Gift of the Wound'

*** Notes:  My writings are basically my own thoughts and feelings and may not be the same for everyone.