Winds of Autumn

An  'Effy Wild' Class 

~The Winds of Autumn~


A watercolor class from a few years ago, but I cannot give the teacher's name as I have misplaced the information. I have found the information.  ~The painting class is called, 'Spirited' and was taught by Angela Kennedy during Willowing Arts, 'Art for Earth.' ~2021

The  Airplane Pilot

The portrait painted with Japanese watercolor

~Art Nouveau Set, by Kuretake  Gansai Tambi


A beautiful class from Willowing Arts ~ Focus On Love

Water color Portrait

The Angel



Another class from, Willowing Arts.

There are many different places within the website to take a variety of classes.

Mixed-Media Art


The Huntress

Mixed-Media Art

A portrait class (online) from Willowing Arts. The Huntress archetype has an abundance of courage and confident. She desires freedom on all levels of life. She follows an unconventional path and her deepest fear is to feel trapped. The Huntress does not value or have a need for validation. She also fears closeness (especially in love) as solitude is her closest friend. She may isolate too much for her own sake. She loves nature and to a part of it on long walks, especially in the evenings.

The Maiden

Mixed-Media Art

An online class at Willowing Arts, taught by Melanie Rivers. The maiden is usually at the start of one's life's journey but can occur at anytime in the woman's life.  

The Young Lady


Usually, I start with a photo that is inspiring - the sketch follows. I draw the photo once again and apply collage items adding paint throughout.

The Raven and the Woman

Art Class by, Melanie Rivers